WACIT Sponsorship 
The 2016 WACIT interprofessional practice-focused evaluation was sponsored by the Research Impact Development Fund
The 2016 training workshops in Brazil were supported by Santander

The 2017 Interprofessional Training Workshops in Brazil were supported by the Development of Research Partnerships Fund

The e-learn CPD module on Psychosocial Resilience-Building for Children who Experience Trauma was supported by the Impact Development Fund

The 2018 3-Continent piloting and evaluation of the WACIT servive transformation workhops in Kenya, Turkey and Brazil are being supported by the International Development Research Fund

Dr Saima Ali from Karachi University received a Rutherford Commonwealth Fellowship for 2018-19

The 2019 Lion Cubs Team to develop research on child-directed resilience strategies was funded by the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies 

The 2019 project on "Stakeholders’ perspectives on impact of child mental health transformation programme in four LMIC" is funded by a GCRF Global Impact Acceleration Account
The 6 Continents x 6 Weeks events in 2016 were sponsored by NEXT (UK)

Sponsorship and Fundraising Opportunities



Sponsorship Objectives and Benefits

• Raise child mental health awareness within each country and internationally.
• Positive long-term effects and outcomes for children,
communities and economies.
• Reduction of financial costs of services involved across the health, education, judicial and social care sectors.
• To raise the sponsor’s Social Responsibility profile.
• Create future opportunities for both the Sponsor and the Charity/NGO for children’s benefit.
• Raise individual donations for the selected charities
through a parallel fundraising process and/or the donation of Sports Equipment or Educational Material, as both Sports and Education promote children’s resilience and mental health well-being.

Sponsorship Options for Commercial Organizations
Support WACIT inter professional training, consultancy or research to a country and organization of your choice.
• Support the development of training materials to enhance and sustain staff competencies.
• Suport the delivery of tailored training for an organization and country of your choice.
• Donate Sports Equipment or Educational Material to  a WACIT partner charity.
Collaborative Sponsorship Options for
Non-Commercial Children’s Organizations
• Develop joint training that fulfils criteria for academic accreditation.
• Support/organise a training and network-building event at a country of your choice.

Fundraising Opportunities for Schools and Individuals

• Organise fundraising events for a WACIT partner charity of your choice